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About us

Rahul was born in India in the state of Punjab and then as a child relocated to the vibrant and busy city of Delhi. Delhi is famous for its colourful bazaars filled with food carts, sweets shops, and spice stalls. This is where he discovered his love for food.

He relocated to NZ in 2006 and completed his degree in culinary arts and became a bakery Manager in Waikato and then later moving to Wellington.

In 2015 while having an unsatisfactory Chai Latte in a cafe Rahul realized that he wanted to share with the rest of Wellington what proper chai is. He took a risk, bought a small food cart, and started brewing chai at the local markets. It didn’t take long for Original Chaiwalla to become a staple at Wellington markets and events as well as major events around New Zealand such as the Night Noodle Markets.

Original Chaiwalla is not just famous for its Chai, but for the Bhaji, Pakora’s, and Tikka. Classic Dehli street food that Rahul has recreated and serves just as you would get in Delhi right down to the delicious chutneys all made from scratch.

Rahul’s ethos is simple, he does it the way it should be done and if he wouldn’t eat it he won’t serve it. He is extremely passionate about his Indian culture and food. The flavors are addictive and that is exactly what you will find with Original Chaiwalla products, you’ll be wanting more.